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The Freedom Fightersoriginally from Earth-Twomigrated to Earth-X in to help fight Hitler but American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away from a heart attack inleaving the country in such a state that Nazi Germany was able to develop atomic weaponry.

By this point, both countries were reluctant to use such destructive capabilities against the other for fear of retaliation that the conflict continued using conventional warfare. The war dragged on until Adolf Hitler's Nazi war machine had developed mind control technology that weakened the opposition's willpower ending the war in with complete Nazi victory.

However, some proved to be immune to the effects of the mind control devices, and small resistance pockets began to form in various cities. Japan was originally an ally of the Nazis, but, when they seemed to have won the war and laid down their arms, the Nazis betrayed them. They paired off with various members of the Freedom Fighters and helped them fight the Nazi threat.

It was revealed that a computer brain had taken control from the Nazis and replaced the leaders with android replicas. A similar reality called Earth was created at the end of the 52 series and a reality called Earth 10 appeared after Flashpoint. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Every year, the Arrowverse does an annual crossover between its shows. While this story is not based on an existing storyline, it does take elements from the DC Universe.

For example, there is an Earth where the Nazis won World War II, and because of that, all the superheroes were Nazi versions of themselves. We see a glimpse of a computer-generated Earth-X which was interesting. The graphics showcased a dark tone, with a red sky. It showed how much worse this Earth was compared to the look of Earth The first half hour of the episode focuses on getting the heroes all in one place.

In this case, they are coming together for the wedding. Once everyone gets together, we see how different characters interact, and different storylines for characters play out.

index of crisis on earth x

Most of these storylines are played for laughs but also include some touching moments in between. When the wedding finally happens, all seems to be going well. That is when the visitors of Earth-X attack. The heroes continue fighting them back and eventually cause them to retreat. It was not a total loss as the heroes were able to capture Earth-X Prometheus. This episode is a strong opener because it showcases the danger of Earth-X but manages to balance the seriousness of it all with some fun.

The only problems with this episode are just nitpicking, but worth mentioning. Characters did not explore the tension or try to resolve it at that moment. Oliver and Tommy have a touching moment until Tommy reveals that he does believe in his cause and kills himself.

Throughout the episode, we learn more about Earth-X and its place in the Multiverse. Instead of being Earth, it is revealed to be the 53rd Earth that no one talks about because of how dangerous it is.

This revelation leads to a major critique of the episode. Why would they go to Earth-1 to find a new heart for Overgirl? There is no way they could have possibly known that Supergirl was going to be on Earth-1 at the time. Also, how could Jax not know that there is more than one Earth? He should know that Supergirl is from another Earth having seen Barry get her last year.

It was fun seeing Tom Cavanagh be the Reverse Flash again. Since STAR Labs is always working on something to stop villains, it makes sense to try and slow them down as much as possible. The episode ends with the heroes, except Supergirl, trapped in a concentration camp on Earth-X. It gets you excited for the next two episodes and makes you want to know how these heroes will stop the conquering of their world.Additionally, events in the Black Lightning episode " The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis "—airing between Batwoman and The Flash —tie into the event, as does a two-issue comic book featuring characters and concepts unable to be used in the live-action episodes.

Moreover, the preceding episodes of Arrow season eight and much of The Flash season six serve as a prelude to the crossover. The crossover's events result in the Arrowverse's continuity being rebootedaffecting all of the series. Initial references to the crossover began inwith the pilot episode of The Flash. The adaptation began in earnest during the development of "Elseworlds", with the crossover title revealed at the end of "Elseworlds" in December In mid, multiple castings were announced, including actors who previously portrayed DC characters in other media, such as Burt Ward and Kevin Conroy.

Filming took place from the end of September until the beginning of November The crossover saw consistent viewers throughout, with each episode giving season high ratings to each series. A two-episode aftershow titled Crisis Aftermath hosted by Kevin Smith aired after parts one and three to discuss the events of the crossover.

To prepare for the coming Crisis, the Monitor recruits Oliver Queen and sends him on missions to collect various items. They send Barry's mind forward in time, causing him to see billions of timelines where the multiverse is destroyed and the one where he dies saving it.

Meanwhile, on one of his missions, Oliver witnesses the destruction of Earth-2 from an antimatter wave. On an unspecified Earth, the skies turn red over Freeland, causing Jennifer Pierce 's powers to adversely react and tear her between her Earth and those of two of her alternate counterparts.

As the Pierce family and Peter Gambi try to bring her back, the antimatter wave overtakes them while Jefferson Pierce is teleported away. As the Crisis begins, the antimatter wave destroys countless parallel universes. Clark and Lois narrowly send their son Jonathan off into an escape pod just as the wave wipes out Argo alongside Alura. Harbinger briefs the gathered heroes on the threat of the Anti-Monitor as the Monitor raises a quantum tower to impede the antimatter wave while the DEO and Lena Luthor work to evacuate Earth's inhabitants to Earth Brainy locates Jonathan's pod on Earthso he, Lois, and Sara leave to retrieve him while the others stay behind to fend off the Anti-Monitor's forces.

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In preparation for his death, Oliver passes the mantle of Green Arrow to Mia. When he learns Barry is fated to die however, he argues with the Monitor over the deal they made last year. Refusing to leave, Oliver temporarily nullifies the Monitor and stays behind to ensure the exodus succeeds.

Back on Earth-1, Lois' team returns with Jonathan before the Monitor brings a dying Oliver to say good-bye, commenting that this was not how he was supposed to die.

Nash, now a "Pariah" for releasing the Anti-Monitor, appears and announces that events have changed and everything is doomed.

index of crisis on earth x

With the Earth-1 Legends unavailable, Harbinger recruits Earth 's Mick Rory so the heroes can use his Waverider as their base of operations.See our picks. Barry guest star Grant Gustin and Iris's guest star Candice Patton wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. This was a solid episode again, and it was fun.

Action and CGI was impressive and the staff deserves appreciation for that. However, I am gonna only rate this episode as a 6 because Olicity. The constant pathetic attempt by writers to shove Olicity crap down our throats is just unbelievable, who the hell interrupts their friend's wedding twice. Anyway, we have all given up on Arrow anyway, I'd continue watching Flash and Legends from now on. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Alternate Versions. DC's Legends of Tomorrow —. Rate This. Season 3 Episode 8. All Episodes All 4 DC shows airing for this special 2-night event. From the trailer, we see that Barry is the one giving Oliver some advice for a change. Barry lets his friend know that they can, and deserve, to be happy with someone.

Of course, no superhero wedding would be complete without some attack. The writers behind the Arrowverse Crossover probably thought it would sound more epic if this Nazi Earth were an extra universe instead of just being one of the 52 Earths. Either way, fans will get to see Nazi versions of their favorite heroes. However, this will be the first time all three will be evil and fighting as one. Our heroes will certainly have their hands full facing off against their evil doppelgangers.

For even in a world ruled by Nazis, there are still heroes who fight for the hope of mankind. This hero is none other than the Ray, the Freedom Fighter. The Ray was first introduced in the comics in February He draws his powers from the sun, he is capable of flight and shooting energy blasts. Quantico actor Russell Tovey will portray him. The show takes place on Earth-X and follows the adventures of the Ray and various other heroes who fight alongside him.

No word on when the show will be released, but odds are they are using the crossover to introduce the Ray to a broad audience before airing his show. As a new hero enters, another one leaves. However, the actor has officially announced that this crossover will be his final appearance as Captain Cold.

Be sure to check out the show and our review once it ends. Historically, no decadent nation has survived long after it embraces the filth the left is pushing on the rest of us. Nor will I. I also hope other Americans will follow suit and pull their kids off these shows.

For some reason, societies always seem to digress and become worse, not better. You should probably teach your kid what was behind Nazism was bad. You know, like bigotry? December 30, December 11, December 10, October 14, July 29, We breakd….

index of crisis on earth x

July 26, With several reveals, easter eggs, and big changes to the stat…. December 9, Justin Gilbert Alba December 5, at am. Show ComicsVerse some Love!This episode is part of a larger crossover series, Crisis on Earth-X. The episode is the first of the four-part crossover, Crisis on Earth-Xwith the eighth episode of the sixth season of Arrowthe eighth episode of the fourth season of The Flashand the eighth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

He wipes out all resistance members, and also kills the Earth-X version of the Guardian, but not before he says someone will end the Nazi regime. Dark Arrow finds a device on the resistance hideout. On Earth, Kara is fighting a Dominator and defeats it. Afterwards, she and Alex are brooding their lives in Kara's apartment, until Alex sees the invitation to Barry's wedding. Initially both sisters aren't keen on going, but Kara decides they will, and takes her interdimensional extrapolator and opens a portal to Earth In a manicure shop at Central City, Iris, Caitlin, Felicity and Kara are having their nails done and discuss about Iris' wedding and others also suggest that Felicity would marry Oliver next and the manicurist breaks her nail-maker on Kara's fingers.

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

In a dress-shop, Barry and Oliver are proving their suits, and Oliver is happy Barry is taking the step, and he also wishes the same for him. While Stein is thrilled, Jax is not enthusiastic, as it would mean he won't have any powers. A female Nazi, Overgirl, appears, flying like Supergirl, and tells that they have one day. Just before Barry and Iris' rehearsal dinner, Jax leaves S.

Labs and Caitlin walks in to talk with Stein, who is working with something. Caitlin takes also some credit for the cure, that was made to break up Firestorm. At the rehearsal dinner at CC Jitters, everyone greets each other, and Alex makes a closer acquaintance with Sara Lance, and they start drinking Scotch heavily. They are witnessed by Barry and Kara, with Kara claiming no one can drink Alex under the table but neither has anyone drank Sara.

Barry asks what's going on with Kara, and she reveals what happened with Mon-El, and Barry can't give her any advice on that. Barry then asks Kara to sing at the reception, and she agrees. Stein comes, and he privately reveals to Jax he was working on a compound, that will give him new superpowers after the Firestorm has been broken, but Jax is not thrilled about the possible abilities.

Joe holds a speech for the couple and points out that because of them, he openly reveals his relationship with Cecile. They toast, and outside, Sara and Alex are making out. Afterwards, Oliver proposes to Felicity, but she says no, claiming that while she loves him, she doesn't want to marry him, yelling it for everyone to hear.

Embarrassed, she leaves. The next morning, Barry leaves quietly, and it is shown how everyone has slept with Felicity wishing she could airsleep like Kara.

CROSSOVER “Crisis on Earth-X” Completo

Sara and Alex slept the night together, but when Alex realizes it, she is embarrassed and quietly leaves Sara in bed. Everyone gather at the church, and Kara worryingly waits for Alex to show up, as she shouldn't be strolling on a different Earth.See our picks. Barry and Iris's wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together with help from their super friends like Citizen Cold, The Ray, Felicity Smoak, Iris West and Alex Danvers to take on their most formidable villains yet.

Caught your attention didn't it. Hear me out though. A lot of people are complaining an asking why Nazis what is this ? For now Nazis serve a purpose in super hero shows. They are a human, Earth based enemy, where viewers don't get upset if the good guys hurt, maim, or even kill the human. The studio doesn't have to come up with a machine or a random non-humanoid alien, they can have disposable humans with a Earth based plot. Even the Avengers use them to be beaten to a more extreme manner.

Super Heroes can kill humans, if the humans are Nazis. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

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